Terms and Conditions For CutMyBroadbandCosts Customers

  1. CutMyBroadbandCosts provides me a platform to select the best services for my business.
  2. CutMyBroadbandCosts is agnostic with respect to ISPs and does not advocate any ISP to their customers.
  3. CutMyBroadbandCosts has a proprietary algorithm that matches my needs to multiple ISP reps’ offerings.
  4. I understand CutMyBroadbandCosts does not guarantee service availability, it only facilitates the search.
  5. I understand that I can search for quotes/options at no costs; however, in order to select and ISP to proceed with procurement, I must CutMyBroadbandCosts procurement fees.
  6. I understand that CutMyBroadbandCosts does not store any personal data on its servers except that which is required to service my requests. The only exception to this is my business email address and related information, as required to service my requests.
  7. There is no obligation either way. I can stop my search for services with CutMyBroadbandCosts any time for any or no reason at all. CutMyBroadbandCosts can terminate my searches for any and no reason at all. When terminated CutMyBroadbandCosts shall delete all my location data from its servers.
  8. I understand that my services are provided by the ISP I select and that CutMyBroadbandCosts assumes no liability, direct or consequential, arising from my participation in the CutMyBroadbandCosts Broadband Management process, regardless of the cause.