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When the nationwide shutdown is over, getting your business broadband services installed, restored or rightsized doesn't have to take hours of your time.

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When opening a new location or restarting your business, you can choose to do what you have always done: calling one or more ISP reps, identifying yourself, repeating the same information over and over, being interrupted with their questions and calls, and spending time to coordinate survey and installation visits.

All of this is a drain on your time.

The CutMyBroadbandCosts alternative is an online workflow that doesn't need your constant attention. You have the current information the whole time, get the latest status updates, get a better price, a better service and it doesn't waste your time.

As a result, you get to focus on getting your locations up and running faster.

Imagine the complexity if you were adding 30-50 locations a year on an overlapping schedule?

How It Works

  • Provide your location address (upload multiple locations in a spreadsheet)
  • Select Services and Service Attributes
  • Receive tabulated quotes from multiple National ISPs
  • If you current services are better than all of them, sorry for wasting 5 minutes of your time, else
  • Click on your preferred quote. Pay CMBC fees to start your procurement. Then go do something more urgent.
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CMBC's online workflow enables you to manage procurement and installation of services efficiently. We estimate that we save customers about 10-15 hours of time from the start of the quote to the end of the service installation.

The cost of our service: $99

You quote is free. You pay only when you are satisfied that the quote your received on CMBC will save you more in money and time.

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About us

  • DeepCoolClear, WEWISPS, and CutMyBroadbandCosts are a family of companies/tools that provide managed broadband and WIFI services.
  • WEWISPS and CutMyBroadbandCosts are connected. WEWISPS is a platform for procuring and managing services, CutMyBroadbandCosts is an easy to understand entrypoint into WEWISPS.
  • By eliminating unnecessary communication and process overheads, we improve your work effectiveness.
  • We believe in high transparency in all our dealings. We do not collect or store any of your personal data (except your business email which we use to communicate with you).
  • No contracts necessary.

Some essential small print

Your service provider is the ISP you choose. Your service/s relationships are between you and your ISPs. CutMyBroadbandCosts, WEWISPS and DeepCoolClear are not a party to your contract.

Unless WEWISPS or CutMyBroadbandCosts is the source of a problem or miscommunication, once procurement has started, our service fees are not refundable.